Thursday, 7 April 2011

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We have really enjoyed working on this project and we hope you enjoy looking through our blog!

Eva, Megan, Jess

Monday, 4 April 2011

Screening Reaction

This is our first reaction from our screening. 
We used one room and had chairs and tables arranged as close as we could to a cinema layout. 
Our screening was at 1 o'clock, straight after another screening, so we asked all the people that were in the previous one to come and watch ours too. This meant that on top of the people we had attracted to come, we had a larger more varied audience.

The purpose of our screening was to gather information and feedback on our opening sequence, 47 people filled out our questionnaire, of varied ages, which meant we got as well-rounded a response as possible.

Publicising our screening

We used posters to publicise our screening, in order to get the most viewers possible. We also utilised sthe ocial networking site Facebook, which is very popular amongst our target audience to reach as many people as possible. The image below shows our event page.

Audience Screening and Feedback Session

We held a screening to showcase our opening sequence. We took the opportunity to collect feedback from our target audience. Here is the questionnaire we used:

Group 6 Questionnaire

Our Final Sequence

This is our final opening sequence to the film Captive:

To Do List

What we need to do before our deadline tomorrow:

- Post revised actor contract and signed versions           EVA - doing it noww
- Post addition to storyboard                               JESS
- Make sure posts are in order                       MEGAN       ✔
- Post final sequence YouTube video              MEGAN        ✔
- Post videos of sequences during production                            MEGAN      ✔
- Posts from during production - stills and screen prints of programs we used       JESS  ✔
- Post video of screening                                  EVA - done
- Post on why we added to our script                   EVA - done
- Add detail to posts that are too vague                   JESS          ✔    
- Post any finished draft posts, finish unfinished ones               ALL
- Check labels            ALL